At ikuramedia we recognize the difficulties facing entrepreneurs, especially at the founding stage.  Your eventual success will depend, in part, on how quickly you can develop your product.  Getting to your MVP, working your way through Customer Discovery, getting that first capital injection, and building your super star team - all high priority activities held back while you seek your elusive tech partner.

ikuramedia adopt an Angel Development role to resolve this blockage - we invest our time and expertise and build your product for you, enabling you to get started more quickly and increase your success in recruiting tech partners and investors.

  1. Experience - With decades of Mobile Industry experience, we’re well placed to help you get started with your product, with transparent product development processes combined with experience in prioritization and planning.

  2. Innovation - Partnering with and selecting the cutting edge technologies which work for you, we spend the time researching and adapting technologies for all of our portfolio companies, so you can focus on getting your product right without the distractions of technology strategy.

  3. Data - Our analytics driven approach ensures you have maximum visibility of your customers activities, helping to improve and guide the product development towards user value and startup success.

Tell us about your startup and we will set up a consultation to assess our fit for each other.

Your Startup.  Started.